Why DIY Electrical work is a bad idea

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If you plan a home renovation and are getting intimidated by the costs of materials and services as you plan your project and budget, don’t overlook electrical work as something you can save money on. You might think it is a good idea to try DIYing your home’s electrical work, but believe us, hiring a residential electrician is a good investment. When it comes to technical work such as wiring, it might be very dangerous to handle things yourself. It might even cost you more than if you just called a professional in the first place. At Electricians Ottawa, we are used to seeing cases where people try to do electrical work themselves and contact us to fix what they did wrong. 

To explain what can go wrong, we will list three main reasons why DIYing your home’s electrical work is a bad idea.

It may cost more

At first, it might seem a good idea to do everything you possibly can by yourself to save some money on a home renovation. But it is better if you leave some tasks for the professionals and electrical work is one of them. If you do something wrong, you can end up causing more problems that will lead to future repairing costs. To fix it, it might be necessary to tear the walls down or remove kitchen tiles and then set it all again.

Sloppy installations 

Suppose you do an open concept renovation in your kitchen and eliminate a wall. Electricals will probably need to be reinstalled in another wall, which would require circuits. When not removed with proper technique and method, you can end up with disorganized electrical installations if you lose track of which wires belong to which outlet.

Safety hazards

One of the biggest reasons you should not try to do electrical work yourself is your safety. Electrical components can be really dangerous. Unless you are a professional electrician with experience in dealing with wiring, you can end up causing short circuits that could lead to electrocutions and even fires. 

When you hire a professional electrician, you ensure your electrical work is done precisely and will not cause any future issues. A professional will also have the right tools to provide a reliable service. It is best to invest in an excellent job in the first place than to pay for repairs later on. 

Please don’t risk it. Hire an Ottawa residential electrician.

If you need repair, replacement or installation services in the Ottawa area, you must contact a licensed electrician. Electrical work involves many hazardous components, and there are specific techniques that need to be followed in order to avoid fires, electrocutions and other accidents. Another key reason you should hire a professional is that a licensed electrician is familiar with the Ontario Electrical Code and can work according to it. Don’t risk your safety and call Electricians Ottawa. We offer various services aiming to solve your electrical problems or upgrades. If you need a Licensed Master Electrician, call us at (613) 319-8430.