Signs your office needs electrical maintenance

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Electrical maintenance is something that should be a part of every office’s regular practice. Calling an Electrician in Ottawa to perform periodic electrical check-ups can prevent several hazards and guarantee your team and your building’s safety. It improves energy-efficiency and helps you reduce costs. Every office would have a proper electrical maintenance plan in the ideal world, but for the real-world business owners, here is a list of 6 signs your office needs electrical maintenance. 

Sparkling outlets when plugging or unplugging appliances.

Do you see sparks when plugging (or unplugging) appliances in your office? If the answer is yes, this is a red flag for potential electrical issues. Sometimes this is not a big problem, and it can be caused by an occasional drawdown on the power supplies. But it might be a symptom of dangerous underlying issues. It can happen because of excessive heat building up in the outlets. When this occurs, it can cause the insulation covering the wires to melt, which might lead to an electrical fire. Sparkling outlets can also occur because of water leaks, which can cause short circuits. Older and worn-out sockets can also be the cause of it, as they can have loosened connections.

Tripping circuit breaker

A common issue is tripping circuit breakers, but it might be a sign you need to call a professional electrician in Ottawa if it happens too often. Circuit breakers sometimes trip as a result of a circuit overload or a circuit being shorted to the ground. A shorted circuit can occur when electrical conductors within the motor, such as wires or windings, come into contact with the earth. However, this problem can be traced back to a definite component. A trained and skilled electrician will conduct an electrical safety inspection and examine the important wiring and details to determine the cause of the problem and fix the connections, ensuring that your work is not interrupted.

Flickering lights

It might not seem a serious problem, but it can lead to more significant issues. If it happens constantly, it can cause annoyances and even be dangerous to your team. It can cause headaches, migraines and vision problems. Furthermore, flickering lights can raise your electricity expenses; the possible reasons for this can vary. It can be a problem with the light bulb or even frayed wiring. A licensed electrician will be able to identify it. 

Warm sockets

If your office’s sockets are warm when you touch it, it means you probably should have called an electrician for a safety check long ago because it is a and severe sign of underlying problems. In general, you should not plug too many appliances into the same circuit. 

Your office is in an older building.

If your office is in an older building and you have never had your electrical system checked, it is better to call an electrician. Older buildings demand more regular maintenance and check-ups. In case you are moving to another facility, you should have the electrical system checked before relocating. A licensed electrician will inspect the wiring insulation, outlets and much more to ensure your office is secure. With regular maintenance, you save time and money and prevent injuries in the office.

When you switch on appliances, there is a burning smell.

You need to call an electrician if it smells like something is burning when you switch on appliances. It may sound evident, but if you ignore the signs or take too long to call for help, that could endanger everyone’s safety in the office. 

Finding a licensed electrician

To ensure everything is working as it should, reduce costs and increase safety, contact Electricians Ottawa. We are a team of professional and licensed electricians serving the Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata and Orleans area. If you have any questions about electrical maintenance and inspections or want a free quote, call us at (613) 319-8430.