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What is a main electrical service panel?

Electrical panels are devices that house the circuit breakers. This is a safety feature that operates when the electric current into your house exceeds the safe level for the system it is feeding.

Why do you need a main electrical panel?

The electrical panel works somewhat like a switchboard. It takes the power from the utilitycompany and then sends it to the appropriate appliances or outlets through your home. It breaksdown the large load coming in and distributes it to the lights, outlets, and other electrical items in your home.

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Reasons for upgrading your main electrical service and panel

Reasons for upgrading your main electrical service and panel The main electrical service panel is sometimes called the breaker box or load center. Over time it may need to be replaced for various reasons:

  • Old panels are equipped with fuses and some insurance companies will not coverproperty with fuses.
  • You need to add circuits but the panel has accommodated all it can.
  • The panel is of inferior quality and dangerous to continue to operate.

When we add newer, more powerful appliances and technical devices, the existing service panel may not be sufficient to handle these items. Especially in older homes, upgrades are necessary for the electric panel, the meter socket, wires and grounding system. Frequently this means a full replacement to eliminate the obsolete or inadequate coverage to a more powerful system.
There are also situations that warrant a comprehensive overhaul:

  • Breaker overheats and the buss bar in the panel is burned.
  • Conductors between the meter and the panel are loose. This can cause the man lugs to burn and is common if aluminum conductors ere used.
  • Split-buss panels, lower grade panels and those contaminated by water, paint or other elements are dangerous to the household.
  • Recalled panels manufactured by Zinsco and FPE.

The licensed, experienced electricians at Electricians Ottawa are skilled at installing the highest quality panels. We recommend those manufactured by Federal, Square D, or Cutler Hammer. Each of these have a one-year warranty on equipment and our experience shows that they easily last 30 to 40 years without problems. Our goal is to give you the best electrical equipment to keep you and your household safe for years to come.

What is involved in a main panel upgrade?

We try to make things as easy as possible for the owner and residents. Prior to the upgrade, we prepare and file all the necessary documentation with the local agency and Hydro Ottawa or Hydro One, as applicable. We disconnect all power during the upgrade for safety purposes and restore it once the project is completed satisfactorily. In most cases the disruption is minimal.
This is our process for various services including:

  • Service upgrades
  • Meter base repairs and replacements
  • Service mast repairs
  • Service mast repairs
  • Grounding systems
  • Whole-house surge protection
  • Accurately labelling the household circuits on existing panels
  • Installation of subpanels