Licensed Commercial Electricians in Ottawa
Electrical problems can be very dangerous. Contact an emergency electrician at Electricians Ottawa any time at (613) 319-8430. We are licensed electrical professionals with 30 years of experience who will respond quickly!

electrical problems

Circuit breaker problems

Electrical shocks

Hot ceiling fixtures

Flickering lights

Light switches or electrical outlets are not working

Burning odor or sparks


Uncovered Junction Box

Too Few Outlets


Overwired Panel

Aluminum Wiring

Plug Falls Out of Receptacle

Sags And Dips In Power

Circuit Breaker Tripping Frequently

Electrical Problems

Backstabbed Wires

Ungrounded Receptacles

Knob and Tube

Circuit Overload

High Electrical Bill

Lights Too Bright Or Dim

Electrical emergencies can lead to fires or other damages to your home or business. Electricians Ottawa will troubleshoot and restore your power safely and keep you, your family and/or employees out of harms way.