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You may not realize that you have problems with the wiring in your home. These can range from knob and tub wiring, aluminum branch electrical wiring or ungrounded two-wire system.

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It is important to have regular electrical check ups to assure that the wiring and appliances in your home are still within safety standards and pose no hazard to you or your family. Other reasons for an inspection can include the potential sale of your house, or some structural (fire,water, etc.) damage that might warrant an examination, or upgrades.In any event, contact Electricians Ottawa to schedule one of our professionals to conduct a thorough inspection or resolution of issues you have discovered. You may contact us through
this site by completing the convenient form, or give us a call at (613) 319-8430 and we will be happy to help you with all your electrical needs.
Wiring Signs:

There are some indicators that you may have problems.

  • Signs of burning around electrical outlets
  • Excessive use of adaptors or extension cords
  • Out-of-date fuse or breaker box
  • Fuse wires in the box
  • No inspection or repairs in at least 25 years
  • Black rubber jacket on the wiring
  • Obsolete (large ceramic) fuses
  • Fabric coated wiring
  • Twisted flex on ceiling lights
  • Outlets mounted on base boards
  • Frequent breaker tripping