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Every commercial building must have an industrial-grade fire alarm system. At Electricians Ottawa we install and maintain these systems

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Fire alarms are critical to the safety of the employees and customers as well as the products, merchandise and other goods, equipment, data and the building. Fire alarm systems are regulated and keeping them in compliance with all codes means lower insurance premiums.

At Electricians Ottawa we work with our clients to plan the best protection available for the type of business and the structure. Each area is carefully inspected for coverage so that the alarms are appropriately distributed and in good working order. We map, install, test, and maintain all types of fire alarm systems. We always consider the number of employees, configuration of the building and type of industry involved

There are several types of systems to choose from. Monitored alarm systems will reduce emergency response times and gives 24/7 protection. Some fire systems integrate with your security system to increase safety management. Some systems require a backup power source in the event the electric power is suspended for a significant period of time. We understand all of the nuances of the different types of systems and are here to help you decide the best plan for your company.
We work with commercial and industrial properties and can help design the best system. Contact us today.