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Electrical power surges happen when more power is generated and enters your home or businessand an outage occurs. This interruption can be only seconds long, or it can be serious and close
you down for quite some time. Surges can also damage outlets and any equipment or appliancesplugged in at that time.
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A surge protector reduces random bursts of energy. If you have experienced power surges in the past or are wondering if you are sufficiently protected, call us. We are the experts in the Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Prevent Irreparable Electrical Damage With Surge Protection

Power surges through your electrical system can cause irreversible damage to electronic devices like computers or appliances like refrigerators. This can mount up in expenses when these high-ticket items need to be replaced.

Our licensed professionals begin by inspecting all of your electrical equipment to be sure they are currently in good order. Then we assess the need for a surge protector to help maintain your property. If necessary we are able to install the proper surge protector to help stabilize the flow of electricity through your home or office.

If you have any concerns about the safety of your home, business, or office, don’t hesitate to contact us at Electricians Ottawa to discuss the option of surge protection. We offer competitive rates and expert electricians to solve your problem.