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At Electricians Ottawa we regularly upgrade meters for our clients. These upgrades increase thereliability and efficiency of the systems already in place, which frequently reduces utility costs.
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Why Are the Meters Being Upgraded?

Upgraded meters will provide more functionality including increased remote options and hourly data retrieval.

Why Are the Meters Being Upgraded?

After an upgrade or new device is installed, there are a number of improvements you will notice.

Because the technology of your new meter is more compatible with the equipment the power company uses, you will notice that any power outages you experience will be fewer and resolved more quickly. Because the systems notify each other more rapidly, the issue can be resolved equally fast.
Since the new meters are more energy efficient, The Energy Cooperative is able to reduce its response times and management, which results in lower costs to them, which are passed on to the consumer.
These meters can provide hourly data about the amount of power you use. In that way you can see when you use the greater amounts of power. Our service representatives will help you access this information so that you can develop ways to reduce usage during peak periods and to help with inquiries to your power company.
With new meters, The Energy Cooperative can disconnect or reconnect service remotely. That means fewer people coming into your property.
How Will the Meter Replacements Work?

It is very simple. After you have discussed the meter upgrade, we will notify you when one of our technicians will be there to make the exchange. The process takes only about 10 minutes and there will only be a brief power outage. No one needs to be there for the replacement but our electrician should have easy access to the area and all pets are secured on that day.
Electricians Ottawa are happy to help you take advantage of the most recent technologies. New meters are one step toward future service innovations and ease of operation.