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When you are considering your landscaping and hardscaping of lawns, gardens, and otheroutdoor areas, think about adding lighting for a dramatic effect, add safety, and to increase your enjoyment. Electricians Ottawa have specialists who are able to assist in your design plans. Our employees are all dedicated to providing the best customer service. These professionals will work with you to customize the lighting effects for the outdoors, just as we would for interior lighting.


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Benefits of Outdoor or Landscape Lighting

Ambiance and Entertainment – The right lighting can enhance your outdoor entertaining. It can be used with pools, patios, recreation areas, sitting areas, etc. It will give the atmosphere you want to enjoy with your family, friends, or even by yourself.
Beauty – Appropriately placed lighting will help accent the architecture of your home. It can show off gables or turrets, or it can enhance the contours of your walkways, shrubbery, fountains or benches.
Security – Carefully placed lighting will also act as a deterrent for residential crime or intruders. A well lit home is less likely to be a target for criminals or mischief makers.

Floodlights – Motion-sensitive floodlights come on as you or someone passes by. This will provide better footing and still is economical because they only come on when needed.
Safety – Avoid accidents with lighting that guides you along the correct path or identifies stairs.
Value – Home improvements add value to your house. Your place will be more inviting and charming and will accent landscaping features. Beyond your personal enjoyment, this will improve the value at the time of resale.

Take a stroll around your property and see where selective landscape lighting can improve the features of your surroundings. Our experts will be happy to accompany you and learn of your vision. We will be able to make suggestions and allow you to collaborate in the process. We will offer estimates of cost and time and show you a rendering of the finished product.
Don’t delay. Contact us now through this website so that we can start planning the
improvements to your landscape and yards through selective outdoor lighting. You will reap the benefits of increased security, beauty and value.