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Thermography is a technique that uses a special infrared camera to inspect the energy of an object. It is used for predictive inspection and maintenance for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It measures the infrared surface and will produce a detailed visual image of the temperature profile



Capacitor Banks


Thermal Imaging & Testing

Safe Demolition

Exhaust Fans

Dedicate Circuits

This is a valuable tool that scans machinery and electrical equipment quickly and accurately. It can locate trouble spots and then our electricians can complete the repairs. This will prevent dangerous fires and costly downtime.

Electricians Ottawa uses only certified infrared thermographers. We are happy to help you with your imaging needs. Just contact us for more information.

Electrical Diagnostics

Diagnostics is a valuable tool that can save our clients a great deal of money. By identifying the potential problems, we are able to perform any repairs before the situation gets out of hand. Thermal imagery is one of the techniques we use to find hot spots in machines and electrical components. This saves valuable time and energy by detecting problems early and without tearing the machinery apart first.

We can also scan electrical cabinets and other components. We look at multiple wires and connections. The common areas of concern are fuses, electrical panels, bolted connections, and switchgear.

For this valuable preventive maintenance feature, contact us.