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Exhaust fans are appliances that are frequently overlooked. They provide ventilation to areas of houses or commercial buildings. They make the space comfortable and pleasant. If you operate a commercial enterprise but don’t currently have an exhaust fan in areas that tend to be humid or produce an odor, contact us. If you have installed exhaust fans that could use some attention, we are also happy to help with repairs or replacement units



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Exhaust fans must be installed properly. It requires specific wiring and must be vented to the outdoors. If you have an exhaust fan that vents to an attic or crawl space, you are doing more harm than good. You are only redirecting moisture to another area of your house where it can damage wood, insulation, or cause mold to form
It is also important to have the correct size exhaust fan for the area and purpose.

If you have any concerns, contact one of our representatives for an inspection service.