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Power Factor Correction Services

At Electricians Ottawa one of our professional representatives will assess your current electrical system and install power factor correction capacitors. These devices will act as a reactive power generator and reduce the total amount of current your system draws from the grid



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Typically the cost of this installation is recouped within 3 and 18 months. Our capacitor banks and power factor correction equipment have life expectancies of over 10 years. This will afford your company a significant savings over the decade.

There are benefits of power factor correction:

Reduced utility bills

It removes power factor penalties. Electricity tariffs for industrial and commercial customers are structured to increase the cost of electricity if the power factor does not meet the minimum threshold, which is usually about 90%. A high power factor means your system is not demanding significantly more power than it is using.

Increased capacity

The capacity on your supply transformer is freed up. You can add additional load to the system without altering the kVA.

Improved voltage

Excessive draw results in low voltage and motors can become sluggish and even overheated. As power factor decreases, the total line current increases resulting in even more voltage drop. By adding capacitors and improving the power factor, the voltage is improved and you will find a better motor performance and longer life.

Reduced transmission losses

Watt-related charges can cause loss from reactive current flowing in the system. They can be eliminated through power factor correction.

Carbon footprint

Power factor correction reduces the total current drawn from the electrical distribution network. This is the network that includes power stations, distribution grid and supply transformers. Heat or transmission losses are reduced which helps the ecologic system.