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Dedicated Commercial Circuit and Outlet Installations

When you are replacing equipment or installing new equipment, often it will be necessary to also change the configuration of your electrical circuits. Before making that purchase, call Electricians Ottawa so that we can consult and be sure you are fully covered for the demands of the equipment. Our electrician will evaluate the current electrical system and the equipment you are purchasing. If necessary we will provide an estimate for the installation of a new circuit



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Some of the things we consider are the wire size. We look at the distance from the electrical panel and combine it with the amperage of the new equipment and its voltage type. If the wire is incorrectly sized, it will shorten the life of your equipment due to voltage drops. The new equipment may very well work, but its components will be under undue strain. Correct wire size for voltage drop is something a professional electrician can easily calculate.
Another issue is to determine the correct size breaker necessary for the equipment as well as the size of the wire and conduit for the outlet into which the equipment is plugged. For this the electrician will need the voltage and amperage of the new equipment.
The electrical outlet must be compatible to the equipment. Our electrician will evaluate your current outlet and ensure that it is sufficient or install a more appropriate outlet.
Breakers will need dedicated circuits to help absorb a portion of the load if existing outlets are overloaded. We can also evaluate this need.

At Electricians Ottawa we install a wide variety of circuits. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss the costs for installing dedicated circuits for the new equipment at your commercial enterprise