Licensed Commercial Electricians in Ottawa


More and more individuals and companies are investing in generators as a back up for poweroutages. Much of our lives revolve around the necessity to remain plugged in for work, and for
home life. While power outages are not frequent and usually last only a short time, a back up generator can keep you going. Our electricians have significant experience with the installation
and operation of generators.


When you have a commercial back up generator, your life goes on while your neighbors are onthe phone with the electric company. These generators are powered with the natural gas line already installed in your home. These generators start when you are out of electric power fromhigh winds, downed power lines, construction work, and other instances.

Installation Specialists

When you decide you want to have a back up generator installed, just contact us. We are the
experts who can help you decide the best model for your needs. Then we are able to draw on our
years of experience and install the generator as easy as that.Our dentists and support staff are dedicated to giving you the best and most healthy smile possible and we are committed to helping you look great!

Whether you need power at all times for medical, employment or personal reasons, a back up
generator installed by Electricians Ottawa is the perfect choice. Contact us and we will be happy
to offer an estimate.