electric vehicle charging stations

Licensed Commercial Electricians in Ottawa


Electricians Ottawa is happy to offer electrical solutions in the national capital region. We have affordable options for both residential and commercial customers needing electric vehicle

With more drivers switching to electric powered vehicles, the need for charging stations is growing. Electricians Ottawa are able to install chargers at many types of industrial, commercial and residential properties:

  • Houses and town homes
  • Apartments and condominiums
  • Public chargers for cities and towns
  • Commercial real estate
  • Educational institutions
  • Entertainment areas and stadiums
  • For federal and provincial agencies
  • Fleets
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Parking lots
  • Retail
  • Workplace

Our licensed professionals are dedicated to maintaining and improving their skills and keeping up with the technological changes. We understand the complexities of wiring for electric vehicle charging stations and have developed the skills to accommodate this innovation. Our goal is to complete the project correctly the first time.
Electric vehicles are being purchased and leased with increasing frequency. Our electricians are happy to help you accommodate the requirements of these cars by installing charging stations, both large and small. Since most locations are not currently equipped to accommodate EV charge points, we are able to help you with that project.

We are skilled to work with the existing models of Tesla, BMW, Toyota and Hyundai and will adapt as new models are introduced. We offer an installation package that includes all the
equipment and site inspection. We adhere to:

  • Manufacturers’ specifications
  • Electrical system upgrades for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)
  • Installation
  • Verification of functionality
  • Helpful information

Contact us when you are ready to install a recharging station. We are here to help.