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Electrical Switchboards & Switchgear Installation

Switchboards take incoming power and distribute it to smaller loads. They may also use tiebreakers. These tie-breakers can be closed to connect two separate systems. That way there is continual power in the event that one system, like a transformer, fails. Switchgear is usually designed for higher voltage

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It is important to make the correct decision regarding power distribution equipment. Our professionals are fully aware of the differences in switchboards and switchgears. There are a number of components, configurations, standards, and applications.

When we consult on these types of installations, we are precise in our explanations of the operation and reliability of the various products available. We carry Square D by Schneider Electric™ and Eaton and Siemens.

We will analyze your current and anticipated needs and apply the correct selection criteria for our recommendations. We know that our customers want to be fully informed and we make that a priority.

Here is what we consider when installing switchboards and switchgear:
  • System grounding methods
  • System coordination
  • Size and accessibility
  • Project power needs
  • Power interruption and its dangers
  • Cost
  • Maintenance
  • Call Electricians Ottawa for a consultation on your existing switchboards and switchgear. We are happy to discuss your options.