pot recessed and track lighting

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Recessed pot lights are installed into the ceiling and makes it appear that the light is coming from a hole. It is a downward shining light that can be a floodlight or narrow spotlight. These pot lights give a room a more formal feeling and a touch of elegance.
If you are interested in this type of overhead lighting effect, don’t attempt it on your own. This takes a great deal of experience and knowledge to avoid mistakes and to install them properly.
Electricians Ottawa are WSIB insured, experienced and reliable. We are equipped with the proper tools and education to complete this project for you within your budgetary limits. We have the skills and personnel to complete complex lighting installation, repair or remodelling in
your home or business. We are happy to install pot lights and with our careful attention to detail we are sure you will be pleased with the results.

Install Pot Lights, the Right Way

Pot lights are a popular option for our clients in the Capital region. They are a sleeker option than LED or fluorescent fixtures and provide several advantages:

  • Optimal lighting
  • Enhances the room’s appearance for potential buyers
  • Lowers energy cost with increased efficiency
  • Creates a lovely ambiance
  • Gives good, overall lighting to a room

Contact us today for an estimate for pot light installation or maintenance. We are experts and will do the job properly to your satisfaction.

Track Lighting

Accent lighting is popular for outdoor illumination of walkways or to provide a warm glow in private areas. It can also be used to highlight water features or garden areas. Inside you can use it to focus attention to artwork, collectibles or other displays.
Most common accent lighting are track, wall-mounted and recessed lights. Track lighting is one of the most usable options. They are installed where you want them and then the lights can be adjusted to shine along any direction along the track. They are very compatible with other fixtures like sconces or lamps.
Recessed lighting will blend into the décor and are usually installed in ceilings, under cabinets or concealed in bookcases. They come in a variety of styles to complement your taste.Wall-mounted fixtures are attached to, well, the wall. They are also designed so they can be placed above or below a painting’s frame. Outdoors they are sometimes placed in the ground.
This type of accent lighting comes in:

  • Low voltage halogen
  • Fiber optics
  •  Metal halides
  • LED

Halogen lights shine with a strong, white light and are used to spotlight objects. Fiber optics are generally used to highlight stairs, paths, ponds and pools. Metal halides are a soft light and work well in small areas. LEDs are becoming the lighting option of choice. They are highly energy efficient and have a very long life span. They are flexible and can be used in quite a variety of fixtures and circumstances.


Path lighting serves a dual purpose of providing an element of safety for walking as well as a decorative feature to show off patterns, plants or stonework. Floodlights are popular to accent an architectural feature of your home, provide safety and security for entryways, or accenting
unusual plants.
For an even more dramatic effect, consider submersible accent lights. This is frequently used in water features. They can also be arranged as back lights to silhouette objects or plants. Spotlights are designed to direct a stream of light directly at a specific object. They generally highlight an unusual architectural characteristic in a building or specific landscaping plants or feature.
Moonlighting is a specific technique that places recessed light fixtures in a ceiling or floodlights in trees. The downward pattern is much like you would receive from moon glow.
Any of these types of lighting options are acceptable and it simply depends on the type of effectyou want to create and the design of your home and yard. If you have questions or ideas, please feel free to call us at(613) 319-8430 to discuss the possibilities.