ungrounded 2 prong receptacles

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What are ungrounded receptacles? 

Two-prong outlets are connected to two-wire cables.  That means they do not have a ground wire that protects people from faulty electrical devices.  It is possible to install a new three-prong or GFCI into the same outlet box, as long as the box itself is grounded.  This can be determined by a qualified electrician

Replacement of Two Prong Outlets

Two-prong outlets are not currently allowed by the National Electrical Code.  However it is permitted to replace an existing two-prong outlet with another two-prong (ungrounded) outlet.  So, an equal swap is permitted.  Upgrading is always recommended.

Getting Your Outlets up to Code

You have 3 safe options for getting your outlets up to code.

  • Replace with a GFCI
  • Retrofit a three-prong receptacle without rewiring
  • Rewire the panel

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